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Care instructions for GOTOP functional sailing wear

We recommend to wet the clothing in your bath tub with a temperature of 30 degrees centigrade (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

There is actually no need to buy expensive detergents. Just use curd soap (or even better curd soap with ox gall). Detergents based on chemicals might damage the membrane, which makes your clothing waterproof and breathable. Curd soap will not harm the membrane but still is a pretty good washing powder.

Rub dirty spots with the soap but keep the cloth flat, - do not fold the cloth! Mechanical stress might also harm the membrane.

After about half an hour in warm water together with the soap put the clothing into the washing machine and clear wash using the wool program. Do not add fabric softener!

Before storing the clothing make sure that it is really dry. Do not use any dryer ! Dry it at fresh air and do not expose it to direct sun !

Do not wash your sailing wear too often. We recommend once per year.

After around two to three years we recommend to impregnate the clothing. You can buy impregnation liquids for clothing in sports shops or drugstores.